Best Pork Restaurant In Kuala Lumpur


Serving exquisite and authentic Spanish cuisine for more than 12 years and counting, the  casual dining restaurant has proven to excite and stimulate the palette of food connoisseurs, especially the pork lovers.

El Cerdo KL specialises in home-cooked pork flavours across the globe, from Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. This highly popular restaurant at Changkat Bukit Bintang is the result of perfected pork cooking that is refined throughout the years. Established since 2005 as the only pork restaurant then, Chef Werner Kuhn has devoted his heart and soul in nurturing this dining outlet for all occassions to be the best one in town. We would like to invite you to try our signature dishes such as crispy pork knuckle and Spanish Paella since they have been our regular customers’ favourite for more than a decade!

Either you’re a porkelicious fan or not, you’ll be amazed with the succulent, fresh and tasty pork delicacies!


“A classic western dish is a master recipe that utilizes time-honoured techniques. Making a dish classic lies primarily in how it is done with “finesse” but firmly rooted in the knowledge of classic recipes”

German-born renowned Chef Werner J. Kuhn has revolutionised the culinary scene in Malaysia for more than a decade ago. His journey around the world has gathered him a wealth of cuisine experience that ultimately led to his strongest belief, still holding true until today. He was able to master the Art of Traditional cuisine and stay true to time-tested creations that are loved by the world.


Indulge in the taste of El Cerdo’s Signature Spanish Cuisine.

latest update

  • The most romantic & porkylicious Valentine’s Day Dinner in town! Free gifts & mementos for couples! Gift Sponsors: Carlo Rino: ONE:

  • Free limited Werner’s Group angpau packets with every RM200nett spent. *While stock last

  • Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang Fine Cut Fruits and Vegetables, Salmon Gravlax Slices & Homemade Plum Sauce Half portion RM78nett I Full Portion RM128nett Slow Cooked Smoked Po

  • Due to popular demand, we are offering KL’s most anticipated brunch on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! Indulge yourself in all-you-can-eat pork dishes and free flow cava (s